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August 6, 2020


Last week, I mentioned Rapunzel in Disney’s movie, Tangled.  After being raised in a tower, she escapes to discover her true and best self, and the family she’d been separated from.   It’s a neat picture for our journey, from a family where we learned sometimes harmful ways of relating, to our true family – God’s family.  


In Rapunzel’s case, the woman who raised her was scared, and so wouldn’t let Rapunzel leave the tower.  She reinforced the girl’s captivity with manipulation, coercion and lies.  In the same way, many of us learned unhealthy ways of interacting from our families.  They tried their best, but dysfunction moves from generation to generation; we can only pass along what we know.


Growing in love is about becoming aware of these wounded areas so we can live out the full and free life as part of God’s family.  This week, we continue learning how to love better by learning how to explore our family through a genogram.  Exploring this picture of our family, we uncover new ways to love others, ways that reflect our truest family: the family of God.


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Pastor Jeremy


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