Still – Hillsong United

September 23, 2020



I like to be in nature, and I like to experience new things. So sometimes you’ll find me walking through the woods, smartphone in hand, following a map along some new-to –me trail. I can do that without fear of getting lost because someone else has been there before. Perhaps a logging company made a road to harvest, and now decades later its overgrown path remains. Or maybe a group of mountain bikers made a trail to practice their craft, and now I can discover the same places. Thanks to my handy, dandy smartphone, I have a map. I can discover places new to me with full confidence someone has been there before, and has left a map.


History is like that for us. It seems new, yet the God who dwells outside of time has already seen how things unfold. His “map” accommodates every decision we humans make.


We’re reminded of that this week as we hear the story of The Fall. Humans made a decision, and the consequences are dire. Yet, even at this early stage, God is planning. We’ll discover that there is no decision we make, no storm we experience, not Covid, or fires, or economic insecurity, nothing that God has not seen and already planned for.


I’m looking forward to worshipping with you.

Pastor Jeremy



Join us Sunday at 10:00AM in the parking lot. Tune to AM 1610 or log onto the Sanctuary Wi-Fi: Sanctuary-guest, password 20151865

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