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In an effort to keep the Covid-19 infection rate low, the province of BC has closed in-person worship services until further notice. We’ll continue to worship together via the livestream, Sunday’s at 10am.





January 17, 2021 – What About The “Others”


From The Pastor’s Desk


Big Idea: Dr. Luke continues his prescription for peace by reminding us who it is Christ came to save.


A few years ago, a TV show called Lost was aired. It told the story of a group of plane crash survivors and their harrowing experiences on a deserted Island.  Early on, it became clear that they weren’t alone.  Mysterious “others” were on the Island too.  Where did they come from? What kind of people were they? Why were they there?  The survivors assumed the worst.  The show’s story line used these mysterious others to create drama and suspense.


This known-and-unknown experience isn’t limited to TV. Instead, we can find it all around us from the politics of nation states, to sports, churches and social clubs.  We humans are a tribal lot, who can be suspicious of things and people we don’t know. That can lead to many good things, especially when our tribe has won a struggle and is privileged.  It can also lead to some dysfunctional thinking, like believing our tribe is the centre of the universe and our way is best.


This week in worship, we’ll spend some time with the start of Jesus’ ministry as Dr. Luke tells it.  We’ll discover how God sees the “others.”   We’ll also say “thank you” to Joanne for her ministry of music among us.


I’m looking forward to worshipping with you!


Pastor Jeremy