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In an effort to keep the Covid-19 infection rate low, the province of BC has closed in-person worship services until further notice. We’ll continue to worship together via the livestream, Sunday’s at 10am.





February 28, 2021 – Eyes on Jesus: Gifts of the Compost Pile


From The Pastor’s Desk


In our backyard was an old compost pile.  I didn’t know how long it had been there, but I thought I’d keep it going. So all last growing season, kitchen organics and yard clippings were dumped and mixed.  Sometimes I’d hear a friend talking about compost piles feeding rats.  Other times, I wondered if it was worth the trouble.  


Then, this spring, I started digging into the pile.  The humus that it produced was black and rich, and I know it will feed my new gardens with vital nutrients.


This week we continue our Lenten journey with Jesus towards the cross and empty grave. We’ll spend some time with his teachings about repentance.  It’s like a compost pile: not very pretty, but so vital to new life.


I’m looking forward to worshipping with you,

Pastor Jeremy